ShippingEasy Releases Ecommerce Seller’s Guide to Flat-Rate Shipping

ShippingEasy Flat Rate Guide

ShippingEasy published its new 2020 Ecommerce Seller’s Guide to Flat-Rate Shipping and is the first and only resource of its kind. The guide is intended to help ecommerce sellers understand the complex landscape of flat-rate shipping options.

The ShippingEasy Flat-Rate Guide

  • A Comparison of Competing Flat-Rate Shipping Services: A one-page, side-by-side comparison of USPS Priority Mail®, UPS® Simple Rate, and FedEx One Rate® flat-rate shipping services, with clear explanations of key differences such as free standard package availability, supported transit times, and zone-based pricing.
  • Flat-Rate Service Price Comparisons: The ShippingEasy guide is the only place you can find all of the services offered by all of the carriers compared side-by-side according to package volume, complete with price comparisons. This section will be invaluable to any e-commerce seller trying to determine which carrier’s service is best suited to their specific shipping situations.
  • Flat-Rate vs. Non-Flat-Rate Service Comparisons: While flat-rate services can offer great value for a broad range of shipment types, they aren’t a better deal than weight-based services 100% of the time. The guide includes a section that allows a merchant to look up specific package weights and zones to determine when a weight-based shipping option would be more cost-effective than a flat-rate option for the given shipping parameters.

“E-commerce sellers often struggle to find reliable comparisons of the various flat-rate offerings—especially now that UPS has entered the space by rolling out its Simple Rate product last November. Our easy-to-use guide is the first resource in the industry that helps those sellers not only understand all the options, but to determine which option makes the most sense based on the seller’s typical shipments.”


Rob Zaleski, Head of Brand for ShippingEasy

The free ShippingEasy 2020 Ecommerce Seller’s Guide to Flat-Rate Shipping is a valuable resource for any ecommerce seller looking to better understand the complex world of flat-rate shipping.

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