Samsung And Alibaba Develop Smart Speakers To Rival The Amazon Echo

Image: Adobe Stock | eBay Riches
Image: Adobe Stock | eBay Riches

The smart home just got another boost as Samsung and Alibaba announced they are also developing smart speakers that would compete in an already busy market of smart speakers and assistants.

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A Samsung smart speaker?

Samsung is developing a voice-controlled speaker that will go up not only against Amazon, but also the Google Home device and the soon to be launched Apple HomePod.

At the time of publishing the Samsung speakers has little information released about it publicly so far.

There is speculation however that any device will be powered by Bixby.

Bixby is to Samsung what Cortana is to Microsoft and Siri is to Apple. Bixby though still has to come out with an English version, as so far it is just available in South Korea.

What about Alibaba?

As you would expect Alibaba isn’t about to be left behind.

They have also announced they will be throwing their hat into the smart speakers arena.

Its smart speaker is called Tianmao Jingling X1.

Other Chinese companies also have their own smart speakers out, such as Baidu having the Xiaoyu Zaijia.

Competition on the smart speakers front is getting fierce as more companies are jumping in to the market.

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Our Thoughts

Realistically it seems like more and more companies are getting involved in smart speakers but are ultimately going to be ‘also ran’ products.

Amazon have a huge lead in terms of market share as they were the first to market with a very good product which ties into all of the things Amazon can control.

With huge discounts seen on the Amazon Echo over Prime Day and the Google Home growing in compatibility and features, we still feel that these are the two products which are going to be the main players.

Let us know what you think, do you have a smart speaker and would you consider buying one of the lesser known models?

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