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If Google and Yahoo are search engines for almost anything, then there is a new player that’s made just for eCommerce. That new player is Pricesearcher.

As the name implies, Pricesearcher is geared more on commodities and products, with the aim of having them searched by way of their price.

So what is Pricesearcher?

Samuel Dean made Pricesearcher when he realized that while there are search engines for many things, there hasn’t been one created yet for the sole purpose of eCommerce.

Pricesearcher then aims to index products based mainly on price and show these results to potential customers who are looking to buy the exact product they have searched for.

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Think of it as not just a search engine for eCommerce, but a tool which has other features such as a buyer’s guide and user ratings for products too.

Whilst it is still in its beta phase though it already has one million consumer searches per month and has 350 million products are already indexed in it.

Pricesearcher also has Magento and Shopify plugins, so eCommerce sites can easily access the new product search engine.

As Samuel has explained, Pricesearcher is free and is there to revolutionize eCommerce now and in the future.

Its slogan makes this point perfectly, as it is ‘Always On, Always Free.’

Samuel Dean has the aim of becoming the premiere search engine for buyers and sellers engaged in eCommerce.

How can you utilise this as a seller?

Well as mentioned above this is a totally free platform that you can utilise so there is nothing to lose by getting involved.

The other good news is that it is super easy to integrate with connections to the likes of Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify as well as standard CSV or XML feed integrations too.

With that said, it sounds to us that Pricesearcher is something that should definitely be something your business should investigate.

With it being 100% free for now and forever as well as being easy to integrate in to and with some investment behind them.  It stands to reason that they will be growing their 1 million monthly views considerably in the future.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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