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New Study Tries To Predict Amazon’s New Headquarters

Amazon is today the world’s leading online retailer. Its business is growing. As it expands, it has decided to have a new headquarters to accommodate all the new expansion that it has done over the years.

A study is trying to determine as to where Amazon will likely have its new headquarters.

Thirteen places have been chosen as contenders for the likely place where Amazon will set up its new headquarters.

Earlier this year in September, Amazon has announced that it would be investing $5 billion to make its new home. It has also said that it wanted cities to compete to who would eventually be the new place for the company.

The New Amazon HQ Contenders

The city that would eventually win will obviously benefit with a global giant like Amazon there. It can generate new jobs as well as businesses that would be beneficial to the company.

Some cities have taken steps to try to lure the company, such as Stonecrest, Georgia wanting to rename its city to Amazon.

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Others have even grander ideas, such as several cities in Missouri proposing to build a Hyperloop to connect the city to other metro areas there.

A lot is at stake for whatever city would be selected. Aside from jobs and businesses, that city will likely also experience much growth in infrastructure with new businesses moving in.

Several have also speculated as to which city it might be. The New York Times, CNN, CNBC and Moody’s have their own speculations.

While the speculation will likely continue until a choice has been made, one thing is certain: Amazon will continue to grow, and it will take that city along with it with its growth.

What city do you think would be the next headquarters for Amazon? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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