Postie Launches Direct Mail Platform That Behaves Like a Digital Channel

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Postie, a tech and data platform that makes direct mail behave like the best digital acquisition channels, this week officially announced its launch in the U.S. market.

The company helps digital marketers apply machine learning and quant marketing to the biggest traditional offline channel – direct mail – making it truly a performance channel, from testing and optimization to audience modeling and attribution.

The platform, now available to all marketers, is the only solution on the market to provide prospecting and automated CRM together in one place.

Campaigns can easily be deployed and managed in-house within minutes and mailed as quickly as the following day.

Postie’s customers have experienced a new acquisition and retention channel as easy to manage and as effective at driving performance as social.

Direct Mail – Often Forgotten

In today’s digital marketing world, direct mail has been often a forgotten marketing channel for eCommerce businesses.

As consumers receive less direct mail pieces in their mailbox, recent studies seem to show that response rates may be rising from such mailings.

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Marketers spent $46 billion on direct mail and response rates to all direct mail ads and coupons are up 60 percent from a decade ago, according to the DMA.

With trust at an all-time low, consumers are gravitating toward tangible brands as it’s harder to trust something you can’t see and touch — and direct mail is helping drive this narrative.

Postie data shows that the highest converting age group for direct mail are millennials in the 20-30 year age range.

“Postie continues to create a resurgence in direct mail by helping advertisers overcome the many issues facing digital ad marketing and the over-reliance on limited platforms. Until now, the vast majority of a brand’s media spend has been allocated to digital, and we’ve cracked the code on what marketers can do to apply these same principles to direct mail.”

Dave Fink, CEO and co-founder of Postie.

How Postie Can Help

Postie’s platform includes key features that enable marketers to succeed in:

  • Prospecting — Postie’s data management platform (DMP) gives marketers direct access to the demographic, interest and behavioral data across more than 320 million people. Postie uses a full stack machine learning engine to create deep look-alike models and custom audiences to help brands achieve quantitative marketing objectives.
  • Retargeting — Postie bridges the gap between anonymous site visitors and detailed portrait of who each visitor is and why they’re on the brand’s site. Postie’s real-time decision engine allows marketers to deploy direct mail trigger campaigns to high converting segments and get the most efficiency from prospects.
  • Retention — Postie integrates with virtually all CRMs, websites, and mobile applications, giving marketers to power to gain deep insights into customers and leads. The platform allows marketers to easily segment their CRM, personalize messaging, and optimize campaigns. In addition, its marketing automation tools make it easy to target based on attributes, look-alike models and even online behavioral events. Marketers can create real-time trigger campaigns or dedicated time-specific deployments. Campaigns can be set up in minutes and mail out the next day.
  • Re-engagement — Postie gives marketers the ability to automate win-back campaigns to recapture lost revenue. The trigger platform uses a rules-based algorithm to deploy the right mail creative, to the right customers at the most optimal time.

“I started working with Postie when I was CMO of Dollar Shave Club and was impressed with how easily their technology-enabled my team to manage direct mail as quantitatively as social and search.”

Adam Weber, CMO of Everything But the House

Direct mail may not be a vialble option for micro businesses or those just starting out, but more established online retailers may want to give direct mail a look.

Postie is now available in the U.S. and eCommerce marketers can learn more about their service at

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