Poste Italiane is Set to Increase eCommerce Parcel Volumes

Poste Italiane

More than a year after launching its restructuring plan, Poste Italiane announced that it’s ready to increase the volume of parcels it delivers by 2022, and take advantage of the lucrative eCommerce market.

The company has been experiencing a decline in mail volumes since 2008, but this was offset by its profit boom in 2018, resulting from the growth in parcel shipping volume.

Poste’s main task at hand is to increase its market share for eCommerce parcel delivery to 40% by 2022 from 33% in 2018.

“We aim to deliver 100 million parcels in 2022 compared with 45 million our staff delivered last year.” – Massimo Rosini, Head of M&P Division, Poste Italiane

Poste is determined to outmanoeuvre Amazon

The implementation of Poste’s joint delivery model, which was introduced last year, puts it head-to-head with online retail giant Amazon whose Prime delivery service has taken over Italy’s big cities.

Poste entered into an agreement with labor unions last year, which guarantees delivery of their customers’ parcels even on weekends. Aside from this, Poste CEO Matteo Del Fante is also considering using drones and driverless vehicles to attract more customers.

Poste Italiane’s other core business areas include insurance and financial services as well as digital payments.

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