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The Perfect eBay Listing – Part 1 – How To Write A Great eBay Listing Title

There is no secret recipe for getting your product noticed by potential buyers and sold on the eBay marketplace.  You just need to do the fundamentals well.

Creating great product listings has always been the only key, a fact which experienced online sellers know too well as they’ve mastered it by trial and error, and improved their click-through rate in the process.

You don’t need to use flowery writing or be creative to come up with effective listings. In fact, we advise that you be direct to the point as it increases the likelihood of your listings showing up in search results.

Just steer clear of irrelevant, incomplete, misleading or complex information.

Keep in mind that online consumers don’t like to analyse; they want to be spoon-fed. So make sure that your product listing is easy to read and comprehensible.

This four-part blog series will show you how to create great eBay listings to increase your sales, and we start off with the steps to writing an effective eBay listing title.

Every listing starts with a powerful title

Your eBay listing title is the basis of your success on eBay.

ebay listing title

Online shoppers will not see the description and all of the images of your product unless they click on your listing title first, so it has to be striking at a glance.

An amazing title garners not only a lot of attention, but also a high click-through rate, which consequently leads to higher sales.

Below are some dos and don’ts when creating an effective title for your product listing.

  • DO use keywords that clearly describe the item that you’re selling.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think of words they could possibly type into the search box to find your product (e.g. Winter Women’s Slim Parka Coat).

  • DO include the item’s condition so that potential buyers will know whether it’s old or new (e.g. New Women’s Oversized Knitted Sweater)

As well as a brand name (if it carries any), size, color, and other relevant information (e.g. Brand New Hugo Boss Men’s Black Coat Jacket S/XL).

  • DO NOT include useless adjectives which no one would even think of typing into a search box (e.g. wow, look, cool, lovely, awesome, etc.) because they’re just a waste of character space.

You can only use up to 80 characters in the title, so choose words that will help your product appear in eBay’s search results.

  • DO make sure that every single word in the title is spelled correctly.

Whether it’s the product’s name, a verb, or an adjective, a misspelled word is a big turnoff for customers.

  • DO NOT use multiple synonyms (e.g. New Fashion Women Oversized Winter Hooded Wool Jacket Long Ladies Parka Faux Fur Coat) as it makes your title look muddled.

Always write your titles to be read for a human, not keyword stuffed to try and rank in eBay search…it won’t work.

  • DO NOT include asterisks and punctuation marks as they will only take up precious space.

Besides, nobody adds a period or comma to their product search.

So there goes our list of must-dos and don’ts when creating an eBay title listing which could potentially turn page views into sales.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog post series where we show you how to create great product images for our product listings.

Until then, we hope you have found part 1 of our ‘Perfect eBay Listing’ series useful, let us know about your eBay listing titles wins or losses, you can head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below to let us know.

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