One in Four German Companies are Active in eCommerce

German ecommerce

At least 23 percent of companies in Germany are currently into eCommerce, selling goods and/or services through their website, EDI (electronic data interchange), or mobile apps in 2016. According to the survey held by Destatis, those who have active online presence generated at least 19 percent of their sales.

Companies in Germany are slowly realizing the importance of eCommerce with their overall revenue.  According to the Destasis, companies with lower staff are getting a lower online share of sales.

In fact, companies with less than 10 employees generated at least 26 percent of their total revenue through their apps or websites. Meanwhile, small enterprises with 10 to 49 employees produced 23 percent of their sales through their eCommerce platforms.

Large and medium-sized enterprises only managed to generate at least 18 percent of sales through their websites or apps.

Majority of their revenue came from websites or mobile apps

At least 82 percent of the companies’ revenue came from their own e-commerce platform. The remaining 18 percent was generated through various online e-commerce platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, or Booking. Meanwhile, sales generated from customers located in Germany account accounted for at least 81 percent of their revenue.

According to Retail Week, German eCommerce is considered as one of the most attractive in the world but is also one of the most difficult to manoeuvre. At least 37 percent of German consumers aged 18 to 24 choose to invoice as their preferred process for online transactions.

The study also said that almost half of its respondents say that they’ve left a company’s website because the retailer didn’t have their preferred payment method.

It only shows that further research on what the shoppers’ preferred payment method is important, especially in flourishing e-commerce markets.

Do you think that Germany’s eCommerce market can still grow? Share your thoughts down below.

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