New Rumors of Magento 1 Support Ending November 2018 Appear False


We received several emails today about a rumor circulating around the Internet that Magento is ending its support for all Magento 1.x versions in November (2018).

We have found no evidence by any reputable source that would confirm that rumor.

As a matter of fact, Magento itself in the current Magento 1.x Enterprise edition subscription agreement specifically says that support will be provided until June 2020.

See Magento Enterprise Subscription Agreement here.

While this subscription agreement is for the Enterprise edition, the latest community editions for Magento 1 are based on the same core code.

Why discontinue providing security updates to community editions if they are fundamentally the same update? The user backlash would be too great.

It is important to note that when Magento Commerce released Magento 2, they never promised new features would be developed for Magento 1.x.

From the first final product release of Magento 2, it was pretty clear that the core Magento 1.x product would no longer be developed to include new features and functions.

Rumor Based on Original Magento 2 Announcement?

It is very likely that the new rumor of Magento 1.x support ending in November is based on the original announcement by Magento Commerce for Magento 2 in 2017.

At that time the company said Magento 1.x version support would cease in November 2018, marking that the EOL (End-Of-Life) of all Magento 1.x editions.

The company later canceled that EOL announcement for Magento 1.x and replaced it with an 18-month notification policy.

We are not aware that such a notification has actually been issued and the only known support end dates are those in the Enterprise subscription agreement, which as of the writing of this article, are beyond the 18-month notification window.

No Reason to Panic

As we approach the 2018 holiday season, there is no reason to panic for Magento 1.x users of either the Enterprise or Community editions.

Everything will continue to work and without a formal EOL announcement by Magento for Magento 1.x, store owners can calmly go through this holiday season before considering their options in 2019 or beyond.

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