New Bulk Edit Tool from Etsy Available Now

Etsy has added a new tool to help seller bulk edit their listings. With this new tool in Shop Manager, sellers can quickly edit multiple listings and add up to 20 shop sections.

The change to 20 shop sections is an improvement as previously only 15 shop sections were allowed. This feature should help some sellers offer better navigation on their pages.

Multiple listing editing is a feature that Etsy has lacked for years. Now sellers on Etsy can change listing titles, descriptions, tags and prices on more than one listing at a time.

Currently, the new bulk edit function will work on Desktop and Mobile screens, but not yet on the Etsy mobile app.

A Few Details About Multiple Listing Editing

The following is a list of some features of the new tool:

  • Add information to descriptions using “Add to end” or “Add to front.” This function will add a new paragraph to description text of your listings.
  • Search and Replace existing text in your listings.
  • Bulk editing of prices will apply to all variations on a listing. If a seller wants to increase prices by 10% on an item, the price increase will be applied to the primary listing price and all variations.

The tool is still very basic. For example, you cannot replace entire descriptions, change inventory, or make changes in bulk to shipping information. Both are very popular functions on other platforms.

Upgrading the platform to include bulk editing is another step in the right direction. It continues to show that Etsy is working to improve the platform as promised.

However, the feature is not on par with bulk editing functions on eBay, so sellers will still look for more functionality for it to become truly useful. Replies on the community forums by Etsy moderators seem to imply they will continue to improve the feature.

If you need a full bulk and multiple listing editing solution today, then third-party software such as Sixbit Software’s listing tool┬áis still the best answer.

We love to hear your thoughts about bulk editing on Etsy. Please leave us your comments below.

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