New Amazon Program Gives Teenagers Freedom to Shop

Amazon has launched a new program that gives teenagers the freedom to shop while keeping their parents in the loop.

Called ‘Amazon for Teens,’ this new program from the eCommerce giant allows young people aged 13 to 17 to create and use their own Amazon account to search, browse, read recommendations and place orders on their own.

However, it doesn’t mean that they’re off Mom and Dad’s radar; a teen’s Amazon account is linked to their parent’s, allowing the latter to approve or decline their orders.

Parents still have the last say

If reviewing their child’s order details is too tedious and time-consuming, parents have the option to set a spending limit on their Amazon account instead. Doing so will automatically approve a teenager’s orders until they have exhausted their budget.

“Teens can enjoy Prime Shipping, stream thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, and get free in-game loot with Twitch Prime at no additional cost!” –  

amazon logoWhenever a teenager makes a transaction through their own Amazon account, their parents will receive an email notification and be able to review their order details before deciding whether to approve or decline it.

To approve an order, parents can reply with a Y via text, otherwise they can decline it from their own account.

Third-party sellers on Amazon who sell products for teenagers are surely going to have a field day marketing directly at their target audience, rather than through their parents.

Whether you’re a seller or a customer on, feel free to share your thoughts on Amazon for Teens in the comments section down below or over in our Facebook Group here.

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