Mastercard adds Salesforce Essentials to small business program

Mastercard Salesforce

Small businesses are often powered by passionate teams behind the scenes, and in today’s digital world, having savvy technology resources can help them achieve their goals.

Salesforce joins Intuit in the US Mastercard small business program, as an additional partner delivering critical solutions to the small business space.

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Whether it’s accelerating revenue by finding new customers or better managing customer engagement, these new Salesforce benefits will help small business owners boost their daily hustle.

“Every business is different. Small business owners seek freedom and flexibility. However, they need tailored platforms and services that help them enhance how they run their business and address their individual needs. We are excited to further build on our small business benefit program together with partnerships like Intuit and Itemize, and now Salesforce, to deliver digital solutions that meet the needs of small business owners today and grow with them in smart, innovative and efficient ways tomorrow.”

Ginger Siegel, head of small business, Mastercard

Small business owners often wear a lot of hats. Foundational resources that help fuel their business day-to-day enable them to focus their attention on their key business drivers.

With a holistic suite of solutions that cater to their needs, from digital and technology enablement to acquiring new customers, they can do just that.

Mastercard Small Business cardholders can now leverage specific tools and benefits to assist in these areas, including:

Mastercard and Salesforce Essentials

Mastercard Business Card customers can now tap into the power of Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution through Salesforce Essentials.

This app includes sales and customer support tools built specifically for small businesses with a quick setup to get business owners rolling in no time.

“Customers love small businesses for the personal experiences they offer but it becomes more challenging to know the details of each and every customer as that business grows. That’s where a customer relationship management solution becomes key. Mastercard has a relentless focus on small businesses and we are delighted to extend Salesforce Essentials to Mastercard Business customers, empowering them to grow their businesses.”

Marie Rosecrans, SVP, Salesforce Essentials and SMB

Small businesses continue to contribute to their local economies, and it is Mastercard’s goal to help ensure they succeed by first focusing on their needs and pain points.

It’s for this reason that Mastercard continues to leverage advanced partnerships and industry alliances with organizations like Salesforce to expand its card value proposition and deliver on owners’ day-to-day business essentials with top digital solutions and offers.

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