The Best Mailing Tips to Secure Your Holiday Shipments

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The Postal Inspection Service works to keep your shipments safe as they expect to deliver more than 15 billion pieces this holiday season. That’s why postal inspectors are offering 9 tips on how to secure your shipments and make sure that your packages arrive safely to their destinations.

Be vigilant of any suspicious activity

It is important to stay alert for any unfamiliar vehicle that’s close behind the USPS truck or any unknown persons that might be loitering around mailboxes. Report these activities immediately to your local police department and then give the U.S. Postal Inspection Service a call at 877- 876-2455.

Nine Ways to Keep Your Mail and Packages Protected

1. Avoid sending money by mail. Keep in mind that checks and money orders are much safer than cash as they can either be cancelled or reissued if it gets lost in the mail or stolen.

2. Don’t leave any delivered packages or mail unattended. You shouldn’t leave your mail and packages uncollected in mailboxes or on front porches.

3. Provide an alternate shipping address. You can arrange to have your packages delivered to your trusted neighbour who is at home during the day or try to consider getting your packages delivered at work if possible.

4. Consider changing the package’s address even while it’s in transit. Customers who won’t be available when their package is delivery may try the USPS Package Intercept. Most domestic package shipments can be redirected back to the sender prior to delivery. It can also be forwarded to a different address or to the Post Office for pickup.

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5. Customize the delivery. You can visit to provide delivery instructions online. You can just enter the tracking no. and select Delivery Instructions.

6. Consider using Hold for Pickup option. You may opt to choose the Hold for Pickup option so that you can collect the packages at your local Post Office. You may also select Hold for Pickup by using USPS Package Intercept.

7. Protect your shipment with USPS Signature Services. Using Signature Services can help ensure that your packages get delivered to the right person by requiring a signature from the person who will pick up the package.

8. Choose a secure form of shipment. You can opt for Registered Mail services if you’re sending an important package. Registered Mail Services received special handling from the time that the package is sent until it reaches its destination.

9. PO Boxes may be the safest option. You can consider renting a Post Office Box at your local Post Office to make sure that your items are secured. The PO boxes are only accessible when using the right key or code combination.

A lot of Post Office lobbies are open all day so you can retrieve the mail on your convenient time.

Let us know if you have any tips for securing your deliveries this holiday season.

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