Magento 1 Support Confirmed Up To June 2020

Magento 1 2020

Last week we covered how rumours were circulating and some news outlets were wrongly stating that Magento 1 support was ending in November 2018.

We knew this to be inaccurate and did our best to get the facts out and stop any panic from concerned or worried Magento 1 users.

Well today Magento has confirmed the truth that we reported last week on a page on their site.

MagentoJune 2020 has been confirmed which means you still have well over a year left of live in your Magento platform before having to look at your other options.

When it comes to multi-channel or website platforms our view is that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, as that one area of your business is often the one most crucial to your daily operations that ensure your business runs smoothly.

So to any existing Magento 1 users, don’t panic, you still can easily get another 2 Christmases out of your current Magento 1 setup.

Maybe in 12 months, that would be a good time to reassess what your business needs from a platform and build an implementation plan for early 2020 after the busiest sales periods are behind you.

Let us know your thoughts on this news in the comments below or over in our Facebook Group.

For almost 10 years Dave has been involved with eCommerce with a particular interest in the marketplaces and the huge opportunities available for sellers when utilizing a multi-channel strategy. After a year of being the UK’s youngest eCommerce consultant it was the opportunity to start UnderstandingE with Matt Ogborne showing the world how to utilize Magento as the Third Generation of Multi-Channel software. Dave also recently started a YouTube channel called the Manc Entrepreneur (click YouTube icon link below to watch Dave's videos) where he discusses all things eCommerce and entrepreneurship aimed to help young entrepreneurs get started on their own journey. When Dave isn’t working his main interests include, Technology, Cars and throwing himself off high things into water.


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