Liquid Web Launched Industry’s Premier Platform for WooCommerce Stores

Source: Liquid Web

Liquid Web has officially released Managed WooCommerce Hosting, the industry’s first dedicated platform to cater to WooCommerce stores.

Liquid Web’s latest hosting offering is a unique solution to common issues faced by SME WooCommerce store owners. The company built a scalable platform that gives store owners access to the resources they need without any server changes.

And this allows store owners to focus on their business instead of dealing with technical issues that may impact the performance of their stores.

“Our customer isn’t buying hosting. Or a plugin. They’re not buying technology. They just expect it all to work. This is why we’re in the ‘managed’ business. We’re innovating and delivering value in a crowded market with a clear sense of the features that make a difference to our SMB stores owners and the designers, developers, and agencies who serve them.”

Chris Lema, Liquid Web VP of Productions and Innovation

Innovating eCommerce for SMB Store Owners

WooCommerce is slowly changing the way SMB stores do their business by empowering global web dependent services to create content and commerce easily.

Among the technologies Liquid Web is offering with WooCommerce hosting are:

  • Dynamic Resizing Without Downtime
  • High Performance Under Heavy Load
  • Performance Tests Whenever
  • Far More Than Google Analytics
  • Paying Attention To Abandoned Cart

The last point is one of the most challenging for many eCommerce store operators. And a recent partnership with abandoned cart technology Jilt should provide huge benefits to Liquid Web store owners.

The company has over 32,000 customers in 150 countries hosted in several global data centers. It has a long history of providing managed WordPress and Magento installations and support, and even offers HIPAA compliant solutions.

Source: Liquid Web

Liquid Web calls it customer support, Heroic Support® which includes a 30-minute Help Desk Response Guarantee and 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee.


While dedicated Magento hosting solutions have been available from many different hosting vendors, a dedicated WooCommerce solution is an industry first for the eCommerce platform.

It may mark a shift by SMEs away from Magento to WooCommerce as a solution for stores with fewer than 10,000 products.

While there is no hard limit that restricts WooCommerce to 10,000 items, Magento is still considered a better platform for larger stores.

However, it only takes one product that is a major hit to place challenges on the hosting infrastructure. And that is why dedicated hosting for WooCommerce could be the next big thing!

Do you sell with WooCommerce? If so, have you had challenges to keep your store running at peak performance? Would you consider a dedicated hosting solution for WooCommerce if that could make your life easier? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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