Is streaming the next big thing in social media?

Social media has undergone some quite radical changes over the years, especially due to the advancements made where technology is concerned. With people spending more of their daily lives using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, developers have been looking at ways at how they can make these platforms the complete package.

With the rise of streaming sites such as Twitch , it has seen social media developers turn to streaming as they look for the next big thing.

Business Authenticity

Facebook liveFrom a business point of view, it’s a great move by social media platforms to incorporate
live streaming as it’s the perfect way to generate income, while also helping to keep users happy and active. So, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen the invention and growth of
Facebook Live , Instagram Live and Periscope.

Not only do these services allow everyone to communicate in the most popular way, using video, they also allow users to become content creators themselves.

Live streaming using social media platforms is also ideal for companies too. Nowadays,
audiences would much rather be finding things out through video, rather than by reading an article, so it’s become the perfect way get the message out there about new services and products for example.

Live streaming on social media also allows the company to reach out to their target groups, meaning it is going to be more effective and more than likely generate a higher level of interest and sales.

Attracting New Customers With Live Streaming

There have also been instances of businesses using social media streaming to bring in
new customers too. This works especially well in the gaming and casino sector, where
events and tournaments can be live streamed to huge audiences in an instant and in high quality too.

First plays of new content such as video games, slots and even bingo, has become very popular as it not only keeps current customers up to date, it helps to generate new ones too. So it may not be long before we see mFortune bingo tournaments being enjoyed on the train from work and then at home.

Social media platforms are also renowned for allowing everyone to stay up to date on the latest happenings regarding their favourite celebrities and sports teams too. Live streaming in many ways has really helped connect celebs and sports stars with their fans more than ever before, making the relationship more of a two-way thing, which you could say has been lacking over the years.

There is no doubting that streaming is the next big thing for social media. It’s already had a huge impact across the board, and the boom is set to continue with more businesses and people looking to make it work for them.

The fact that live streaming can take place direct from smartphones makes it even more appealing, as not only can people stream from wherever they are with just a couple of taps on their phone’s screen, they can also watch from wherever they are too. There’s even the ability to re-watch live streams as well, which is also proving very popular.

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