Instagram Introduces Three More Ways to Shop the Social Media Platform

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Just in time for the holiday season, Instagram announced three new features to make shopping easier on the social media platform.

In September, Instagram expanded Shopping on Instagram with the introduction of product stickers in Stories.

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The company also announced a shopping channel in Explore, a dedicated space for buyers to shop from the brands Instagram users follow.

Now Instagram announces three new ways to discover new products, shop from a user’s favorite brands and keep track of all their shopping inspiration in one place.

Save to New Shopping Collection

Now when shoppers on Instagram comes across a must-have item, they can save it to their Shopping collection to revisit it later.

When tapping on a product tag in Stories or Feed, shoppers tap the Save icon in the bottom right corner to save it to their Shopping collection.

Just like existing collections, shoppers can access their Shopping collection from their profile.

It’s an easy way to keep a wishlist up-to-date and store creative gift ideas for the holidays.

Shop on Business Profiles

Instagram is also testing a redesign of the Shop tab on business profiles so that users can quickly view all the products featured in their shopping posts.

When visiting a business profile, tapping on the ‘Shop’ button to see products will reveal information such as the item name, price, and the post featuring the item.

It’s a great way to browse all the products from a brand on Instagram, in one place.

Shopping in Feed Videos

Instagram users can now shop in videos from their favorite brands.

When a user sees a video in Feed from a brand they follow, the user can tap the shopping icon in the bottom left corner to reveal the featured products and learn more about them.

Instagram, the Seller’s Social Media Channel

For sellers all these new features on Instagram are a great opportunity to market products to their followers and new shoppers.

The potential reach on Instagram is far greater than marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy.

Therefore, it becomes critical that small business online use Instagram to drive traffic to their websites.

Instagram offers interesting tips on growing a business on their platform, which can include both organic and paid content.

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