Instacart Buys Canadian Grocery Services Platform Unata

Source: Instacart

Instacart Inc. announced they agreed to acquire Toronto-based Unata, an eCommerce platform that offers both grocers and customers ways to communicate digitally.

The recent acquisition now gives the grocery-delivery company access to several new eCommerce tools and an opportunity to expand its market in Canada.

Source: Unata

Unata is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that lets grocers create apps and websites for customers to order products, create and track coupons, manage loyalty programs, push notifications, purchase trackings, and even make deal suggestions.

Unata is also looking at the future of shopping. It is currently creating a voice-activated system that will enable consumers to purchase products online from retailers who use devices such as Google Home.

“Unata and Instacart have long shared a vision of innovating the grocery industry and building the online grocery shopping experience of the future… By combining the power of our teams and technologies, we can achieve this vision faster and for the first time ever offer a fully comprehensive, configurable digital solution for grocery retailers of all sizes.”

Unata CEO Chris Bryson

Instacart and Unata Synergies a Boost for Grocers

Instacart’s acquisition puts itself into the backend of app development for the grocery industry. Unata’s platform was built to easily onboard grocers, helping Instacart proceed with its expansion to become the full service vendor for eCommerce and delivery.

Between Instacart’s leading delivery operations and Unata’s technological advances in digital customer/grocer communications, the two companies are a perfect match.

Instacart has previously operated in the U.S. market alone, although it revealed plans to expand to Vancouver and Toronto in November 2017 by tying up with Canadian food retailer Loblaw.

The company’s recent acquisition of Toronto-based eCommerce Unata only gives the company a firmer presence in the Canadian market.

According to Bloomberg, the acquisition totals to at least $65 million. With that kind of investment, Instacart is planning to provide grocers a full service platform to compete with Amazon.

The grocery business is rapidly changing and Amazon pushed it over the cliff with its acquisition of Whole Foods Market. We like your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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