inkFrog Launches Analytics On Its First Webinar For 2019

Popular eBay listing service inkFrog has launched its first ever add-on feature on its platform that will help sellers better understand their business.

The analytics add-on is a combination of a market research and sales tool and the company compared it to Terapeak, which eBay acquired in late 2017.

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Key features of the new tool include:

  • Research top sellers and find best selling listings in product niches
  • Discover what products are trending on eBay
  • Save market research for future reference
  • Analyze sales data with graphical reports

Terapeak Replacement

Unfortunately, since eBay purchased Terapeak, many sellers feel the marketplace neutered the features of the once “must-have” analytics service.

While some Terapeak technology is now part of eBay’s Seller Hub, it is a limited set of features lacking much of the product and competitor detail the old independent Terapeak provided.

But even prior to the acquisition by eBay, Terapeak said it had to remove specific seller data from its reports because of an agreement between it and eBay about protecting seller privacy.

This change appeared to have cost Terapeak a lot of users and may have led the company to eventually sell itself to eBay.

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Watching the inkFrog webinar, it seems inkFrog’s analytics tool is trying to provide some of this detailed data again.

Hopefully, eBay won’t pressure inkFrog into changing its analytics tool to anonymize the data detail as it did with Terapeak.

inkFrog plans to host another more in-depth webinar going into the many powerful features of its new analytics tool.

In the meantime, the company is also offering a free 14-day trial for users to get hands-on experience with the new add-on.

The entire inkFrog Open webinar is available below. To watch a brief demonstration on the new analytics add-on, viewers can forward to 53:39 in the video.

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