How SEO & Social Media Work Together

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In the world of digital marketing, it’s no hidden secret that it can be incredibly difficult to get yourself, your brand and your business is seen by consumers and other businesses alike.

Fortunately, with a multitude of social media platforms to join and a number of SEO techniques you can use to your advantage, it’s becoming a little easier to get your name out there. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how SEO and social media work together and how you can use both forms of marketing to your advantage.

Encourages Growth & Engagement

When it comes to understanding how SEO and social media work together, one of the major benefits of these two techniques is that they encourage growth and engagement. By running a well thought-out social media campaign alongside your SEO strategy, you will boost your search rankings.

In turn, this will increase brand awareness which, you guessed it, will generate a higher number of lead conversions. As well as SEO helping boost your website traffic, due to the rapid growth of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you are able to get your businesses product(s) or offering in front of the correct audience, the first time around. This can help save money and effort required to distribute a physical form of marketing such as a leaflet or flyer.

Whether you go ahead and try this tactic out for yourself or you opt for an Essex SEO company, you can be sure that combing your SEO and social media strategy will enable you to achieve the results you need to further develop your business.

Increases Brand Awareness

Social MediaThe use of social media and SEO can help  boost brand awareness, allowing you to reach more of your selected target audience. With a majority of consumers choosing to not look past the second, if not the first, page of search results, it’s more important than ever to do your SEO research and have a solid social strategy in place.

By having two solid strategies, you can increase your brand awareness, which is a key part of growing your business. For this reason, the importance of building brand awareness should not be ignored whether it is via social media or SEO.

What’s more, the perfect combination of social media and SEO can help drive traffic to your site, allowing users to find out even more information about your business and your offerings. Result!


In addition to further optimising content, you can also use SEO and social media to positively influence your brand through the use of reviews. These can be left on either social media pages or Google My Business, both of which have a positive impact on SEO efforts.

However, it is worth noting that negative reviews can have a profound effect on your business and may impact how many lead conversions you generate. In order to ensure you maintain a good brand image, it’s a good idea to openly address any negative reviews in order to show that you care about the people who use your service or buy your products. In turn, this will put consumers mind at ease – not to mention that it will massively benefit your business!

With all this in mind, it is important to ensure that you utilise the power of social media and SEO techniques in order to ensure your business generates the best possible results online. Good luck!

For almost 10 years Dave has been involved with eCommerce with a particular interest in the marketplaces and the huge opportunities available for sellers when utilizing a multi-channel strategy. After a year of being the UK’s youngest eCommerce consultant it was the opportunity to start UnderstandingE with Matt Ogborne showing the world how to utilize Magento as the Third Generation of Multi-Channel software. Dave also recently started a YouTube channel called the Manc Entrepreneur (click YouTube icon link below to watch Dave's videos) where he discusses all things eCommerce and entrepreneurship aimed to help young entrepreneurs get started on their own journey. When Dave isn’t working his main interests include, Technology, Cars and throwing himself off high things into water.


  1. So, how exactly social media affects or helps SEO? Is there any direct relation or connection other than improving brand image? Do you suggest using keywords in social media posts? Does it matter?
    How exactly to integrate social media with SEO?


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