Hilton Honors Members Can Now Use Points to Shop on Amazon

Image: Hilton | Shop With Points at Amazon.com

Hilton Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in the world and popular with business travelers. With its portfolio of top properties, frequent travelers are likely to run up a nice rewards points balance in their Hilton Honors account.

Amazon and Hilton now allow Hilton Honors members to use their points to shop on Amazon. A Hilton Honors member has first to link their Hilton Honors account with Amazon, but afterward, they can buy on Amazon.com as usual.

NOTE: By default, using Hilton Honors points for all your purchases is automatically selected. You probably want to turn this off as you may want to use your Hilton Honors points for other purposes.

If you decide to link your Hilton Honors account to Amazon, you will now see a new option to use Amazon points. This option is similar to other options such as the Discover Card cashback bonus offer you may see if you have a Discover card linked to your Amazon account.

The Hilton Honors points value at 500 points for $1 credit on Amazon. However, unlike many other shopping programs, Amazon seems to prorate partial points (see the screenshot).


Many reward programs offer tie-ins with retailers and services. Often in travel reward programs, you can use airline miles for cars and hotels and vice versa.

Another popular selection by travel rewards programs are magazine subscriptions or restaurant and other entertainment vouchers.

And some rewards programs offer shopping under the rewards program brand from curated shopping sites usually run by a third party.

The “exchange rate” for using points or miles outside the core business of the rewards program brand is never the best.

Image: Hilton | Sunset
Image: Hilton | Sunset

If you earn points for hotel stays with Hilton or other hotel brands, you always will get a better deal using them for reward night stays. Same goes for airlines miles and reward miles tickets.

But you may occasionally use a service or brand that you do not typically use.

For example, if you mainly stay at Holiday Inn properties, you may find yourself staying at a Hilton property because Holiday Inn properties are booked in the area.

In this case, you can use the points you earn on the Hilton Honors program and use them for Amazon purchases. This is a better option than just allowing them to expire.

Amazon appears to become an attractive perk for travel reward programs. Choice Hotels offers a bonus $2.50 credit on Amazon for certain stays.

Therefore if you shop on Amazon, and if you travel, you want to keep these bonuses and points transfer opportunities in mind. And we expect to see more tie-ins in the future as Amazon evidently has build an API to deal with this type rewards system.


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