Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year (2021)

Last night, many people said goodbye to 2020 in mostly muted celebrations by staying home. The normally huge New Year celebration in New York City’s Times Square was weird to watch on TV. No people, except the ones involved in the productions and a few invited VIP guests. It was a stark reminder of how far we still have to go to return to normality.

But this change to 2021 is a sign that we are moving forward, a hopeful sign that normality can and will happen again.

Online commerce changed a lot in 2020, for many small business owners it was a positive change as more shoppers moved online to make their purchases, from everyday products to holiday gifts.

Even this shift in consumer behavior due to the COVID pandemic didn’t come without some unexpected challenges. Starting early with Amazon temporarily restricting third-party sellers from sending products to their warehouse to last month many sellers finding many holiday gift orders being delayed in shipping. There are still posts on social media from sellers indicating some pre-Christmas orders haven’t arrived yet and customers wanting refunds.

Looking Forward 2021

A few days ago, we posted predictions for 2021 from 16 online commerce experts on how they see ecommerce evolve this year. If you haven’t read it yet, we think it provides great insight on what to expect in ecommerce as many industry observers and insiders believe new ecommerce shoppers will continue to stay online even when we are past this pandemic.

We have plans for 2021 that we think are exciting and provide more business insights, guidance, and news to help small business sellers navigate the ever-changing online commerce landscape.

There will be more changes and some changes will not be welcome and may affect some businesses. However, change also means opportunity if business owners are willing to embrace it and adjust their business model.

The best way to validate this statement is by looking at retailers that embraced online commerce early and integrated it into their physical store operations. Others, who waited are either spending a lot of money to catch up or are out of business now. There is always opportunity in change, you just have to look for it!

Thank you for reading our site and we wish you a successful and happy 2021!

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