Google Pay and PayPal expand integration to include online merchants

  • Google Pay and PayPal now available to buyers in 24 countries.
  • Accept payments in app or on website.
  • Reach millions of Google Pay customers who also use PayPal for payment.

New integration details

Google Pay and PayPal expanded their integration to give online merchants more ways to accept payments in their webstores.

Now merchants can accept PayPal with Google Pay on their app or website in all 24 countries where buyers can link their PayPal account to Google Pay.

Here are five reasons why this new integration adds value to your store.

1 – Reach millions of customers already setup in Google Pay

Google says that hundreds of millions of users already have their payment save in their Google Account.

Customers who already linked their PayPal account to Google Pay to make purchases on Google product such as Google Play or YouTube will require no additional setup to use PayPal at checkout on apps and sites featuring Google Pay.

2 – Merchants can deliver faster checkout experiences

Merchants that enable Google Pay at checkout will benefit from millions of customers who already have know and trust Google Pay and PayPal.

This trust leads to a faster checkout experience and higher conversion rates at checkout, a must for today’s mobile commerce world.

3 – More choices

Since Google Pay keeps all Google Pay customer data, including other payment forms, Google Pay buyers have all their payment information ready to use at checkout.

By providing all stored payment choices, customers again are less likely to leave a website and finish the checkout process.

4 – PayPal benefits

Merchants and buyers who use PayPal love the PayPal benefits of added buyer and seller protection. All the standard PayPal benefits are available through Google Pay.

5 – Simple integration

Google’s documentation to enable Google Pay with PayPal make it easy for merchants to start accepting Google Pay in their app and stores.

Merchants should check app directories of their shopping cart provider for Google Pay integrations or they may find documentation here how to enable Google Pay using Google’s API.

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  1. What is the source of information that in “24 countries buyers can link their PayPal account to Google Pay”? According to info on Google Pay site it’s only US and Germany.