Google Autocomplete Comes to Shopify Stores

Shopify added a new small feature for store owners that should improve checkout friction.

When shoppers are going through the checkout process, often a place where many drop-offs happen is when the buyer has to enter delivery and credit card information.

Google Autocomplete helps this process along as Google Chrome users on desktop and mobile are offered to finish the job and pre-populate the data. The buyer only has to start typing a few characters in the address field, and Google Autocomplete offers to take over.

This new feature makes it easier for shoppers to enter information, especially on mobile devices, and also reduces wrong addresses and re-typing information.

The new feature is rolling out now and should be available to all Shopify checkout pages over the coming weeks. Google Autocomplete is a free addition and is automatically enabled on Shopify stores.

Shopify testing showed a 20% time savings and error reduction on mobile with this feature. The company also stated conversion rates improved, but no data was provided.

The company provided a short video on the feature:

Shopify continues to add useful features to its platform. What do you think of this addition? Please let us know in the comments section below.



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