Google Australia Renames Christmas to Day of the Family?

Google Day of the Family

We have a curious bit of news coming out of Australia today.

Apparently Google has renamed Christmas to “Day of the Family” which is causing a bit of outrage on Twitter.

One of our readers, John brought this to our attention and so we did some research ourselves.  It looks like one of the original posts has come from Reddit from a user called “BeentheredonethatAus”

Who uploaded this image after he was looking up opening hours for stores on Christmas Day

Day of the family
Image Source | Reddit | Beentheredonethat

Day of the Family Just an Australian Thing?

Here at eSellerCafe we have tried to recreate that same search and from our team based in the UK the exact search is showing the same result but with “Day of the Family” replaced with “Christmas Day”

Christmas Day results

It is unsure at this time whether this is an elaborate hoax or perhaps a marketing stunt by someone however it appears that other Australians are seeing the same results as they have taken to Twitter.

At the time of writing it looks more like something directly from Google as Twitter users are now posting more images of “Day of the Family” replacing “Christmas Day” in their search results.

You can keep up to date with the Twitter latest here.

We will keep our eye on this to see whether Google make an announcement on this or if it magically reverts back.  Needless to say many Australian are not happy at losing the Christmas Day name on their calendar.

What do you think?  Is this a mistake and should Australians be right to be getting annoyed? Let us know in the comments below.

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