General Overview of VMware 2V0-622D: Exam Details, Prerequisites, Exam Objectives

2V0-622D: VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Delta is designed to measure one’s skills and knowledge necessary to successfully install, scale, manage and deploy the VMware vSphere 6.5 environments. This is the exam that the candidates are required to pass in order to earn the Vmware Certification 2v0-622 (VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization) credential. It validates that the students have the extensive knowledge and expertise to effectively initiate, send, oversee and scale various VMware vSphere 6.5 situations.

The individuals taking this exam will be evaluated on various objectives covering introducing, arranging, sending VMware vSphere 6.5 scenarios. Among other things, they should have the ability to perform investigations, as well as have the capability to oversee various vSphere assets. In addition to this, the test takers should have the capacity to send a vSphere server farm, oversee VMs (Virtual Machines) and arrange accessibility.

VMware 2V0-622D: Prerequisites

The candidates sitting for this exam are required to have six months of working experience in vSphere usage and at least one-year work experience in the Information Technology industry with skills in installing, monitoring, managing and configuring vSphere. They need to have expertise in initiating, designing, checking and functioning in a vSphere arrangement. They should also be versed in designing and sending vSphere stockpiling, security, process assets and system administration. Additionally, they have to be equipped with the skills required to make and control vSPhereVirtual Machines. The basic knowledge of advancing, investigating and anchoring for the different aspects of the project execution is also crucial for the test takers. The individuals taking the exam will also enhance their chances of success in the VMware 2V0-622D exam by developing competence in vCenter Server Standard, VMware Virtual SAN, ESXi Enterprise Plus and vRealize Log Insight.

VMware 2V0-622D: Exam Details

The VMware 2V0-622D certification exam is made up of 70 questions in total. The students are allowed a timeframe of 105 minutes to complete all the exam questions. The test consists of single-choice, multiple-choice questions and it is proctored. The candidates can take it in English or Japanese. To pass the exam, you are required to score at least 300 points. While scheduling your test, you will have to pay the exam fee of $250. This fee is applicable to the individuals within the United States border. The candidates outside of the USA should go through the certification page to find out the specific amount they have to pay in order to enroll for the exam. It is essential to mention that the difference in the fee is simply because of currency variation and nothing else. The exam questions will measure the applicants’ abilities and knowledge in the process involved in introducing, designing and overseeing ESXi, vCenter and VMs (Virtual Machines) using the suitable instruments of VMware.

VMware 2V0-622D: Exam Objectives

Before attempting this certification test, the candidates are required to cover the exam objectives. It is crucial that the students go through and understand them before starting their exam preparation and before going ahead to write the test. There are some core objectives that one should develop competence in before sitting for the certification exam.

  • Configuring and administering role-based access control
  • Securing vCenter server and ESXi
  • Configuring and enabling Identity Sources and SSO
  • Securing vSphere VMs (Virtual Machines)
  • Configuring features/policies and verifying vSphere networking
  • Configuring Network I-O Control
  • Managing vSPhere integration using physical storage
  • Configuring software defined storage
  • Configuring vSPhere storage multi-pathing and fail-over
  • Performing NFS and VMFS upgrades and configurations
  • Configuring and setting up SIOC (Storage I/O Control)
  • Performing Virtual Machine (VM) and ESXi Host upgrades
  • Performing vSphere server upgrades
  • Performing vCenter server migration to the VCSA
  • Configuring multi-level resource pools
  • Configuring Storage DRS clusters and vSphere DRS

It is recommended that the individuals go through the recommended study guide to read the full details. Before attempting this exam, it is very crucial to go through the VMware website and the study guide in order to understand the exam contents and the skills that will be measured.

VMware 2V0-622D: Preparation Process

It is crucial to take enough time to prepare for the certification exam before taking it. No doubt, the exam objectives are extensive, even though you have only seventy questions to answer. There are many preparation options that are available to you. For a start, go through the official webpage to review the various exam prep recommendations. There are recommended training courses, video tutorials, study guides and practice tests. You can also access the official practice questions to help you evaluate your preparedness for VMware 2V0-622D.

There are some other online platforms that offer training courses, self-paced study and practice questions to help you with your preparation. You should consider these various platforms to equip yourself with everything you need to know in order to attain success at your first attempt.

VMware 2V0-622D: Career Path

Those professionals who pass the VMware 2V0-622D test will be awarded the VCP6.5-DCV certification. With this certificate, you can take up various job roles. Some career paths you can consider with the credential include data experts, data advanced professionals, data associate professionals anddata professionals. According to a report, the individuals with the VCP6.5-DCV certificate can earn an average of $81,000–$100,000 per annum andthere is a potential to earn higher. There is no doubt that this is one of the certifications that stand you out of the crowd in the field of Information Technology.


Passing the 2V0-622D exam brings great opportunities for the professionals. For instance, VMware offers the individuals taking its credential exams the opportunity to join an online network where they can explore useful information that will help them with their exam preparation and career. If you are ready to dedicate your time to study, this exam will not be too difficult for you.


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