Fulfilment Customers Of Huboo Can Now Offset Carbon Emissions Through New Partnership With MoreTrees

Huboo MoreTrees

Fulfilment technology provider Huboo is partnering with ecoTech platform MoreTrees, which will enable hundreds of ecommerce businesses to automatically offset their carbon emissions by paying to plant tree – a first of its kind partnership in the sector. 

MoreTrees enables businesses to plant thousands of trees at the click of a button or automatically using an API. Working with non-profit non-government organisations (NGOs) to plant trees in forests across the world, MoreTrees helps to alleviate extreme poverty by working with partners who provide fair wage employment to impoverished communities and reverse the damaging effects of deforestation.  

With the capacity to plant 20 million trees a year, MoreTrees aims to hit that goal by 2025 by partnering with fast-growth businesses such as Huboo – which now has more than 500 clients and has achieved 40x revenue growth in recent months.

Bristol-headquartered Huboo provides online retailers of all sizes with a complete end-to-end fulfilment operation. Recently doubling its warehouse space to cope with increasing demand, Huboo fulfils tens of thousands of orders on behalf of clients daily. Through MoreTrees these clients can now choose to plant a tree to coincide with every 50 orders shipped. 

With a huge boom in online shopping in recent months showing no signs of slowing, and the busy festive period coming up, Huboo estimates their clients will be collectively planting 12,000 trees a month. With just one mangrove tree offsetting 0.3 tonnes of CO2 over its growth life – which is the same as driving 732.9 miles in a standard car – the eco-advantages are huge. 

“For all online retailers keeping costs as streamlined as possible is crucial, and it’s not always easy to implement carbon off-setting initiatives due to the expenses involved. This is one of the things that appealed most about MoreTrees – it’s very low cost to our clients but can have a significant benefit for the environment,” said Paul Dodd, co-Founder of Huboo.

“Our vision when we launched was to make planting trees easy and affordable for all businesses – from start-ups to multi-national firms. We’ve made it possible to plant a tree for £1 and businesses can choose how this happens. For example, a tree could be planted every time an invoice is raised, a taxi is ordered, new followers are gained on social media or, in the case of Huboo, when an online purchase is shipped,” added Niki Tibble, co-Founder of MoreTrees. 

“As daily order volumes vary wildly from client-to-client, it’s important to get the balance right and make this doable for all the businesses we work with both big and small. Currently each client plants a tree for every 50 orders shipped and receives a unique tree tracking certificate that can be shared with their customers. This is exactly the sort of behaviours customers increasingly want to see from their retailers and suppliers,” explained Dood. 

All of Huboo’s current and new clients will have the opportunity to benefit from the MoreTrees partnership. There are no sign-up costs to the initiative and for every 50 orders shipped a tree will be planted. Each tree planted is £1 and so this equates to 2p per order.  

“Partnering with a business like Huboo is spot-on for us. As a progressive new force within fulfilment, Huboo can help open the doors to hundreds of eCommerce businesses we may not previously have had the opportunity to connect with,” concludes Tibble.

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