parcel lockers for delivery

Four Benefits Of Parcel Lockers For Delivery

As the holidays draw near, sellers will be busy once again with many processing and increased amount of sales. Delays are to be expected as there are many people who would be ordering, which would overwhelm even some of the largest retailers.

For that reason, some retailers such as Amazon are already looking into alternative solutions for delivery. Amazon and some others are looking into parcel lockers as an alternative.

Parcel lockers for delivery

amazon parcel lockers

There are a number of benefits of parcel lockers. We are going to share with you the top 5 benefits of using locker delivery.

#1. Firstly locker deliveries are often free for buyers and often offer a convenient delivery and returns process.

#2. They are a secure delivery alternative. Not only is the process simple but when a product arrives at a parcel locker, the customer will receive an SMS or email to inform them about it. The message will have the PIN or QR code on it. The customer then can take the code and then retrieve the package.

#3. Parcel lockers can also be found inside or near a physical store. This provides an additional convenient delivery option for customers.

It also provides stores with the added benefit of having more people come to the store and increase footfall too.

#4. Parcel lockers also allow retailers to track performance based on occupancy, pickup time, turnover and other such helpful indicators. This data can ultimately really assist sellers on how delivery is doing and what improvements can be made.

As well as highlighting key target areas where demand is particularly low or high and where extra marketing may be beneficial.

We want to hear from you.  Have you or do you plan to utilise locker delivery for your business over the holiday season?  Let us know down below.

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  1. I like how you said that a locker acts as a really convenient delivery point. This seems like an especially easy thing to do if you have access to a parcel delivery service. That way they can just drop it off and you can go and pick it up and it will be safe and sound.