Etsy #LoveYourShopSweeps Promotion is Scheduled for February 8th

Etsy announced they are running an Instagram promotion for sellers to promote their store and another seller’s store on Instagram.

Sellers can win two $500 USD Etsy Gift Cards — one for primary Etsy shop participant and another for the shop the seller promoted.

There will be four winners, and the Sweepstakes is open to residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia.

Here is how the promotion works as Etsy explains it to their sellers:

“On 8 February, promote your shop on Instagram by sharing a photo with the hashtag #LoveYourShopSweeps and then send good vibes to another seller by sharing a second photo promoting their shop with the same hashtag (don’t forget to tag their Instagram handle!). Do both and you’ll be entered into the Etsy Love Your Shop Sweepstakes.”

There is some additional legal language which you can find on the official Etsy announcement page for this promotion.

This might be a bit of a quirky promotion, but it brings a bit of a grassroots community approach to marketing. If this promotion generates traffic, it benefits all sellers and may take advantage of reaching last-minute online Valentines Day shoppers.

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