Fast Launches One-Click Checkout For Most Online Commerce Platforms

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Fast claims to be the world’s fastest online login and checkout experience and the company has announced the launch of Fast Checkout, embarking on a mission to enable one-click ecommerce purchases on every site, device and platform.

With Fast Checkout, buyers can complete online purchases in less than a second and sellers can now add one-click checkout to their stores.

Fast Checkout is launching this week with select merchants, and other merchants can now sign up to add Checkout to their online stores.

Fast Checkout removes cumbersome passwords and offers a seamless, platform-agnostic experience in a fraction of the time of traditional online purchases.

“More than ever before, people are shopping online out of necessity,” said Fast CEO and Co-founder Domm Holland.

“Ensuring fast, easy and safe online checkout for everyone, of all ages and backgrounds, is not a luxury – it is an imperative,” Holland added.

Amid COVID-19, consumers spent over $211 billion online in the second quarter of 2020; US e-commerce is predicted to grow 18% in 2020.

However, many businesses are not prepared to handle this influx or they recently pivoted to running an online store.

Online businesses lose up to 80% of potential purchases from shopping cart abandonment every year, often related to friction during checkout.

One-Click Checkout Improves Conversation And Sales

By adding Fast Checkout to their store, businesses of all sizes can access one-click checkout that makes online purchases easier and faster for their customers.

For buyers, using Fast Checkout is effortless. The first time a person makes a purchase at any site that uses Checkout, they simply enter their contact information and payment details as they normally would to buy the item.

From that one purchase, they are automatically signed up and can use one-click checkout at any store with Checkout, regardless of device or browser, and without a password.

In addition to one-click checkout, Fast Checkout provides buyers a convenient, one-stop location to keep track of their purchases, including delivery status and reordering, eliminating the need to hunt through old emails or visit multiple sites.

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