Exit Surveys Can Help In Conversions

exit surveys

Exit surveys are done by companies on people who are leaving the site. The purpose of an exit survey is to find out the browsing experience of the customer as well as what improvements can be done for the site. They are also done to find out what customers think of the products they found on the site.

One metric that companies gauge their exit surveys in is response rate. An increase in response rate means customers are open and willing to give feedback to the company. With this in mind then, how can exit surveys help the company?

Exit Surveys – Removing Guess Work?

For non-customers, an exit survey can be an opportunity to add further interaction with the company. This can be on what changes need to be made on the site itself. Such responses can help companies in getting new customers.

For customers, the company can ask if the questions in the survey are suitable enough and if any changes should be made.

Bottomline of an exit survey is to get feedback. It can be an opportunity for companies to know what customers think about the quality of the products, improvements that can be made and if there is a possibility they would go back to the site. The last one is important, as companies would want to have repeat customers and retain as many of them as possible.

Another purpose of an exit survey is to know what nationalities consist of the customers. This can help much in target marketing, when marketing campaigns could be made for a more targeted audience. A targeted marketing campaign can be effective towards portions of the customer population, and can increase sales in certain populations.

There is also the issue of whether open-ended questions are suitable for exit surveys. Unlike close-ended questions, open-ended questions can be open for more discussion, though they can be prone as well to being less concise. This might make it harder for marketers to determine what customers want.

For first time customers, a micro survey might help. Micro surveys are small surveys that don’t take too much time to answer, and can be very helpful for many companies that are seeking for better feedback from customers.

All in all, exit surveys can help in the conversion rate if done correctly by companies. It can help in determining what customers want, and thus improve customer experience in the site as well as the products.

How else do you think can exit surveys help in conversion? Leave your comments below for this discussion.

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