Etsy to Hold Session with Sellers to Help with social media on Friday 1/19

Etsy wants its sellers to get off to a good start for 2018. The marketplace announced it will hold a Q&A style session with sellers on Friday 1/19 to help them get the most out of their social media marketing.

The marketplace also setup a guide called Love Your Shop to provide inspiration and tips for sellers to grow their stores. Most of the recommendations in the guide are really best practices for eCommerce, but still are a good tool for newer sellers to get up to speed.

However, the Q&A session to improve social media promotions is the most interesting for sellers.

Many micro and small businesses struggle to implement successful strategies to maximise sales from social media platforms.

Etsy is trying to give a helping hand to guide sellers in this endeavor.

The social media help session is a partnership between the Etsy social media Team and Etsy Admin group.

The combined Etsy team will provide sellers with professional tips on improving their social media campaigns from submissions received on a specific forum thread.

The Etsy team will review the submitted seller social media posts and provide feedback and specific ideas about things sellers could try in the future.

How to Participate

At Noon on Friday, January 19, sellers need to head to the Discussion section of the Etsy Forums. There, participants will find a “Social Media Post Reviews” thread pinned to the top of the section.

For one hour (until 1pm EST), sellers can respond to the thread with a specific Facebook or Instagram post they would like the Etsy team to review.

Etsy warns to choose wisely as they will only consider one submission per seller for review.

“We recommend choosing a post that got lower likes or comments than you expected, so we can share tips on how to make similar posts more effective in the future.”

There is no guarantee the Etsy team will get to every submission as it takes time to formulate a thoughtful review. They plan to use a random lottery system for selecting the social media posts they will critique.

The feedback to the social media post submissions will be posted in the same forum thread between 1pm and 4pm EST.

Since this is a Q&A type of session, sellers only need to post the submission during the Noon-1pm (EST) time frame and can check back later to see if the post was selected for feedback, and what Etsy team is recommending for improvement.

Etsy is offering a unique opportunity to its sellers that takes very little time for participation, but could provide valuable feedback to help improve a social media campaign that is not working. And it is free, and that is a price everyone can afford!

What do you think of this Etsy Q&A style session? Will you or did you participate (if you read this post after the session ended)? Drop us a line in the comments section below.


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