Etsy Testing a Pop-Up Quick View Option for Listings in Search

Etsy makes public experiments of new features or options it is testing on its platform. In most cases only a few buyers or sellers will see these tests.

Whenever we learn of a new test, we will publish it on our site. You can also check all current tests by following this link.

When a test has concluded, we will update the title of the post as [Closed], meaning the test has ended.

A concluded test does not mean the feature is live or will go live soon. Sometimes Etsy may decide the feature or option it was testing wasn’t generating the results they expected.

Test Details

Test Name: Testing a “Quick view” option for listings in search

What Etsy is Testing: Etsy is adding a “Quick view” button on the listing image when a shopper hovers over a listing in search. When the shopper clicks the button, they’ll see a pop-up with the listing’s photos, title, price, review rating, and processing time.

Goal: Make it easier for shoppers to see information about items and multiple photos, and see other items from the same shop in search.

Audience: A percentage of buyers on Etsy

Start Date: August 2018

Our Take: Pop-Ups work but can also become annoying. This test does require a shopper to perform an action (click on button), so hopefully that will be less intrusive.

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