When Etsy announced targeted offers in October, the company said it would introduce the service at no charge until December 31, 2018, after that date they would be 10 cents each.

However, now Etsy has announced to sellers the company will make this service available for free indefinitely.

“So even more shoppers can be delighted by a coupon in their inboxes, we’re also removing the option to limit the number of targeted offers you send on December 21, 2018. We’ll automatically switch any campaigns to unlimited sends on that date. “

Etsy Statement

Targeted Offers

Targeted offers are a good way for Etsy sellers to reach shoppers that added an item to their cart but did not check out.

Sellers can also use them to reach customers who recently favored an item.

To lean more how to set up target offers, Etsy sellers can visit the Help page here.

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