Etsy Mobile App Has New Augmented Reality Feature

Etsy IOS app showing augmented reality feature

Etsy launched a new augmented reality feature on its IOS mobile app that enables buyers to visualize items like photography, paintings, and prints as if they were hanging in their own homes or office.

One of the major challenges when purchasing art-style products online is trying to visualize how they may look and fit with existing furniture and decor.

Augmented reality reduces this problem by merging real-world surroundings with the product image virtually on a mobile device, enhancing the decision making and buying experience.

Sellers should benefit from this technology as sales conversions should increase, and returns should decrease as buyers are no longer guessing if an item may fit the intended space in their home or office.

How Does Etsy’s Augmented Reality Work?

  • Open the Etsy iOS app and select an item categorized as Paintings, Photography, or Prints.
  • Tap the augmented reality icon on the top right corner of the item image.
  • Move the iPhone or iPad camera around the space for the AR feature to work and tap to place the item on the desired spot.
  • The item will appear on the screen, and it’s now possible to move it around to see how it will look in different parts of the space. It is also possible to test different sizes using by zooming on the item.

The new augmented reality feature is currently only available for products in the Paintings, Photography, and Prints categories. Etsy is collecting user feedback on this feature and plans to expand it to more categories in the future.

The company has plans for an Android version but provided no timeline when it may become available.

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