Etsy Launches New Tool to Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment

Checkout abandonment is a common problem for all eCommerce retailers. According to Stastica, on average, about 77 percent of orders placed into shopping carts were abandoned during Q4 2017.

Online retailers that run their own eCommerce sites often try to combat cart abandonments with tools that remind shoppers of products they placed into their carts and in some cases even offer discounts to complete the purchase.

On marketplaces, sellers are usually stuck with default functions the marketplace offers. But Etsy is improving on this default function with a new feature that gives sellers similar control over cart abandonment as online retailers have that run their own web stores.

Etsy announced sellers can now send specially targeted offers in the form of a unique coupon code directly to shoppers who’ve added items to their cart but did not check out. The offer can be a percentage off the item or free shipping.

This option will become available for sellers over the next few days in the Sales and Coupons tool. There is a cost of 10 cents per email sent out to the potential buyer, but sellers can set a budget cap to this feature.

Sellers also have access to an analytics tool that will show them how well their follow up offers work and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.


Etsy set up a discussion topic on their community forums where sellers can ask questions about this new option. The forum topic will stay open for questions until April 16.

FAQ on New Feature

Etsy provided this set of FAQ questions and answers:

Who will receive my targeted coupon? 

As of now, shoppers who have opted in to Etsy’s promotional marketing emails and recently added an item to their cart and abandoned it for 24 hours will receive your targeted coupon offer. If someone has abandoned one of your items in their cart but is not opted in to Etsy’s promotional marketing emails they will not receive a coupon and you would not be charged for a send to that person.

How will the shopper receive my targeted coupon?

Shoppers will receive your targeted coupon via an Etsy email. If they have multiple items in their cart from different sellers like you running targeted coupon campaigns, they’ll see all available coupons in the same email.

Etsy already sends out reminder emails for free, why should I pay for this?

In the free emails, Etsy only sends the last item added to the cart or favorited. Paying for targeted offers guarantees the seller will be shown in the reminder email.

What do you think about this new feature on Etsy? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.

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