Etsy Launches New Feature to Improve Personalization of Items

Etsy said that during last year’s holiday season, over 25 percent of shoppers placed requests with buyers to personalize items.

To make this process more efficient, Etsy created a new field that sellers can switch on for listing where the seller offers personalization. In this field, buyers can specify important details about their personalized order before they check out.

Sellers have full control over which listings have this field and the type of information buyers should include.

Desktop and Mobile Only at Launch

This new feature is currently only available for orders that shoppers place on desktop or on a mobile web browser. Etsy plans to make this feature available soon on the Etsy shopping app.

To learn more about this new feature, Etsy updated its seller handbook and sellers can read more about it here.

Etsy also has a running discussion Q&A in its forum here.

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