Etsy Inviting Sellers to Join Them For Cyber Week Sales Event

Etsy announced to sellers they will hold a Cyber Week sale starting on Tuesday, November 20 and run through Monday, No

To participate, sellers need to offer at least 10 percent of their regular price on running listings.

Etsy says they’ll be driving traffic to site through marketing emails, site banners, and social media.

Additionally, any item that meets the criteria for the sales event will have a chance to be featured in their promotional marketing efforts.

And sellers that are already running a percentage off campaign during the above dates will automatically be included in the Cyber Week Sales Event.

Etsy Push for Holidays

This Cyber Week Sales Event is in addition to already announced brand marketing initiatives by the marketplace to drive more traffic to Etsy.

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With significant increases in buyers and strong marketplace sales leading into the Holiday Season, Etsy sellers should be positioned well to have a very good shopping season.

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