Etsy announced today that new tools and resources will become available on the platform to help its sellers better understand their business, improve product visibility, and fulfill orders more efficiently.

One of the most fascinating pieces of information Etsy is offering is the new Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search that gives sellers a little behind-the-scenes look at how their search engine works.

This guide will assist sellers to optimize their listings with keywords and tags for maximum exposure as buyers search on the platform for unique and interesting holiday gifts.

The 7-Chapter Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search can be found here.

In addition to the search guide, Etsy is also releasing (or will be releasing over the next few weeks) more tools and resources:

  • The First-ever Etsy Marketplace Insights report: This is a comprehensive guide for sellers about the holiday season’s top product trends and key seasonal opportunities.
  • Search Analytics: A new advanced Search Analytics tool that puts the data sellers need at their fingertips. Now sellers can see where items are appearing in the search results and which listings could generate more traffic.
  • Tools and Educational Resources: These guides will help sellers on how to price their shipping competitively during the holidays and beyond.
  • UK and Australia Shipping Labels: Very soon, sellers in the UK and Australia will be able to take advantage of Etsy Shipping Labels, taking the burden out of calculating shipping costs and eliminating extra trips to the post office.
  • Improved Business Insights: A single, easy-to-use interface that streamlines sellers’ bills and payments accounts. Sellers can spend less time on their finances and more time delighting customers.

Holiday Season Promotions

Etsy says they continue to be laser-focused on bringing more buyers to Etsy. Last year the marketplace had their first ever Cyber Week Sales Event, which drove increased traffic to the site.

For 2018, the company is gearing up for Cyber Week again and is planning even more initiatives that will help keep Etsy stay front and center on shopper’s minds throughout the holiday shopping season.

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