eSellerCafe eCommerce News Roundup, Monday, October 16, 2017

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Welcome to this week’s eSellerCafe eCommerce news Roundup recorded live on Monday, October 2017. Every week on Monday we discuss live last week’s news.

Showtime for next week is:

U.S. Eastern Time (New York/Miami): 11am
U.S. Pacific Time (Los Angeles): 8am
U.K. (London): 16:00h / 4pm
Europe (Berlin): 17:00h / 5pm
Australia (Sydney): 20:00h / 8pm

In this episode we discuss the latest events that have happened in eCommerce over the past week. Click on links to read about them.

Lightning Round

Amazon Pressure With Whole Foods’ Competitive Pricing

Online Businesses Could Use Brexit as an Opportunity

Royal Mail Staff Set to Strike For Better Pay and Pension – Court Injunction Puts Action on Hold

Vinyl Records Selling Well on eBay UK

New Bulk Edit Tool from Etsy Available Now


Amazon Hosting Marketplace Seller Summit for Australia

Walmart to Make eCommerce Returns Easier


If you have any questions or comments about the topics covered, use the comments section below.

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