eSellerCafe eCommerce News Podcast – 13th November – Episode #006

The eSellerCafe eCommerce News Show

Welcome to episode number 6 of our eSellerCafe eCommerce News Show Podcast.

This is our weekly eCommerce news show where we keep you up to date with all of the latest news and information from the world of eCommerce.

This Podcast is from the week commencing the 6th November.  At the time of recording it was:

  • 42 Days Until Christmas
  • 11 Days Until Black Friday

We have some great stories to cover with you this week including eBay, Amazon, Instagram, Artificial Intelligence & much more.  So hit the Play button below to get started.


Below you can find all of the articles that we discuss in the podcast above.  Or if you would prefer to watch the video version you can see that here.

Lightning Round

Etsy Reports Strong Q3 Earnings, with Significant Gains in Active Buyers and Sellers

Bank of America Survey Shows Solid Optimism among Small Business Owners

Facebook Messenger Comes to Business Websites in Closed Beta

eBay Goes Live with Advanced and Automated Return Options

Twitter Goes to 280 Characters for English and Most Other Languages

Amazon Has Advantage With Package Lockers

New Format For Sponsored Posts Developed By Instagram

Luxury Brands Are Going Back To What They Do Best

Tips For eBay Sellers For Holiday Season 2017

How Chat Bots can Help Your Holiday Shopping Experience

Gift Cards Are Greatly Valued By Customers

Magento Releases Security Updates for Open Source and Commerce 2.x

AmazonFresh is Not Dead, New Service Launched in Munich Germany

Etsy’s First Holiday Season Sales Event Starts November 20

eBay Sending out Reminders on Unsecured Pages

Macy’s Releases Q3 Earnings, Makes No Mention of eCommerce Strategy!?

Amazon Marketing Services Comes to Canada

Discussion Round

Amazon Marketplace Sellers in Germany and U.K. are Owed Money

Challenges Facing Artificial Intelligence

Remember to click on the link to get all the news we posted over the last 14 days.

If you have any comments or questions as always don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

For almost 10 years Dave has been involved with eCommerce with a particular interest in the marketplaces and the huge opportunities available for sellers when utilizing a multi-channel strategy. After a year of being the UK’s youngest eCommerce consultant it was the opportunity to start UnderstandingE with Matt Ogborne showing the world how to utilize Magento as the Third Generation of Multi-Channel software. Dave also recently started a YouTube channel called the Manc Entrepreneur (click YouTube icon link below to watch Dave's videos) where he discusses all things eCommerce and entrepreneurship aimed to help young entrepreneurs get started on their own journey. When Dave isn’t working his main interests include, Technology, Cars and throwing himself off high things into water.


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