Elon Musk Warns That AI Race Could Lead To War

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Elon Musk has been much on the forefront of tech innovation recently with the likes of Tesla and SpaceX.

While he is pioneering in many ways, he is also cautious about artificial intelligence and its role it plays in the world. He has recently warned that countries who are on the race towards artificial intelligence superiority could potentially cause a catastrophic war.

The evolution of AI

He doesn’t believe though that the countries themselves would start the war, but rather that AI might trigger a launch that could prove to be catastrophic.

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Musk has always been cautious about AI’s growing role in technology. He has been saying that AI should be regulated before it is too late. His premise is that artificial intelligence can pose a threat to humanity, and that his interest in AI has largely to do with keeping up with its development.

“If you’re not concerned about AI, you should be,” Elon Musk has said in one of his Tweets.

He has also warned that in the end, the machines will win if people do not start regulating it. To combat this, he has suggested that the first stage would be to actually learn as much as possible in order to better know how to handle the situation of a rogue AI.

The largest concern comes from the prospect of AI meeting machine learning and eventually surpassing human intelligence which leads to the unknown.

Musk has also been much in the forefront of automated cars. However, he also sees that self-driven cars could be hacked and that there could be a threat of someone taking over a fleet of self-driven vehicles.

While Musk has been warning about the dangers of AI, there are critics who dispel his notion.

Some of his critics even suggest he doesn’t fully understand the technology enough yet. However, that hasn’t stopped him from warning about the dangers of AI, even if he has been one of its proponents.

Is there a real threat that artificial intelligence poses on humanity? What can be done to regulate it? Leave your comments below about this issue.

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