eCommerce Traffic Went Up During The New Year

ecommerce traffic
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While Black Friday and the holidays have seen more online shopping, the New Year has continued this trend. The trend for each year seems to be going up, which shows that more people are now using online shopping than ever before.

The entry of 2018 saw an increase in online shopping. eCommerce and online shopping has increased by 32 percent on New Year’s day as compared to last year. When 2017 came in itself, there has been an increase in activity as well. Online shopping then increased by 15 percent as compared to 2016.

New Year sees increase in eCommerce activity

Many see this increase to be attributable to a number of factors. Promotions, incentives from retailers and even the weather are some of the factors that analysts say contributed to the increase.

There is of course also more awareness among internet users, as well as more sites that promote online shopping. Mobile shopping should not be discounted as well, since more people now are using their smartphones to shop online.

Smartphone Android Pay with Paypal

This can be seen in higher traffic on many sites. With more people now aware of eCommerce, there would naturally be much higher traffic. Many see a rise in eCommerce activity within the next few years as more people engage in it.

Consumers are also bound to be interested shopping online during the holiday season since many retailers are offering incentives and discounts.

Not that those are exactly needed, given that the season would naturally find shoppers searching for something to buy online anyway.

The trend will only continue to go up as there is more awareness as well as more people find online shopping to be a viable alternative. This would encourage more retailers to opt for opening up online stores, which in turn would bring in more shoppers as well.

What do you think of the start to 2018? Let us know in the comment section below.

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