eBay Walks Back Policy on Markdown Events

eBay today posted an announcement to sellers effectively walking back a policy change from the Seller Summer update.

As announced in the Summer Seller update, eBay recently made a change that required sellers to list their items for 14 days at the same price before creating a markdown sale event.

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This policy was enacted to reduce the negative experiences customers were experiencing from some sellers abusing the markdown feature.

eBay know acknowledges they were trying to fix a problem created by a very small number of sellers.

“We heard your feedback and we understand the enforcement was a challenge for sellers providing value to our customers.”

eBay Statement

Starting immediately, seller will be able to create markdown events again immediately after listing.

The company said that as we move into the holidays, the biggest priority is ensuring sellers have an easy and successful selling season.

While they have walked back this policy change for now, eBay will continue to evaluate whether changes to this feature need to be made in 2019.

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