eBay video ad digs at Amazon Prime Day with ‘Honest Alexa’

eBay Honest Alexa video ad
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eBay released a video ad on Thursday taking another swipe at Amazon Prime day.

When Amazon revealed the Prime Day date for this year, eBay announced a competing sale dubbed the “Crash Sale.”

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eBay dubbed their sale “Crash Sale” to make fun of Amazon’s site access problems last year. For the first few hours of Prime Day, the Amazon’s site crashed and many shoppers couldn’t complete purchases.

To promote its “Crash Sale,” eBay on Thursday released the “Honest Alexa” advertising video, further poking fun at Amazon.

In the video, a man is talking to “Alexa” – not the Amazon smart speaker but his daughter – who is dressed in Amazon blue and dark gray colors.

There is some comedic banter between the man and “Alexa” about Prime Day and how eBay’s sale offers better values.

But the funniest bit may be toward the end of the video when the man asks “Alexa, how do you know all this?

She answers, “I’m always listening.”

Here again, eBay ramps up the message a bit by taking another dig at an Amazon controversy.

In April reports surfaced that select Amazon workers have access to voice snippets captured by the Alexa device for development purposes. This practice worries privacy advocates.

eBay Ad clever – but necessary?

On one hand eBay is poking fun at Amazon and claiming the sale is a “made-up sales event,” the deals are not that great, and it is mostly to get rid of old inventory.

Yet, Prime Day has become important enough for eBay and other retailers, to run competing sales.

It seems if retailers are honest about it, the “MeToo Sales” only validate the importance of Amazon’s Prime Day. But Amazon is probably happy as it is getting free advertising from its competitors on these ads and sales events.

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