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As eBay announced in their 2019 Early Seller Update, the company is making it easier for sellers to take advantage of product-based shopping, which helps buyers find items quickly and easily, and increases how buyers can find them.

The company has updated key item specifics in certain categories important to sellers when they search for items on eBay.

Item specifics include the brand and physical details about the item that is listed, such as make, model, size type, size, color, and style.

To help sellers get started, when a listing is in one of the below categories, sellers will receive My eBay and Seller Hub notifications to add item specifics that helps buyers find items they’re looking for.

eBay recommends sellers review the notifications and update their listings when these details are available.

Category IDCategory NameKey Item Specifics
177PC Laptops & NetbooksRAM Size, Processor, Screen Size, Graphics Processing Type, Type
171485Tablets & eBook ReadersStorage Capacity, Model, Screen Size
27386Graphics/Video CardsMemory Size, Chipset/GPU Model
116023DishwashersType, Width, Installation
116022String Lights, Fairy LightsColor, LED String/Strip Type, Type
139973Video GamesGame Name, Platform

Why Is eBay Focusing On Item Specifics?

Buyers have less time and more shopping options than ever. That’s why eBay says it is creating a more efficient buying experience on the marketplace with product-based shopping.

The company has identified areas that transform search and make it faster and easier for buyers to find what buyers are looking for.

eBay is monitoring item specifics that buyers use to find items and provides guidance to help buyers find items and help sellers optimize the visibility of their listings.

The marketplace will continue to share information about key item specifics in additional categories over the course of the year.

In the meantime, eBay encourages sellers to visit My eBay [and Seller Hub] for guidance on how to optimize their listings with complete and accurate Item specifics.

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