eBay Updates Hurricane Michael Seller Protections

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Today eBay issued an update to its notice of offering seller protections for those impacted by Hurricane Michael that is currently moving from the Florida panhandle through Georgia to the Virginia coast.

As the storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, it will significantly impact inland areas well into Georgia.

Here is the full new update from eBay regarding this storm and what the company is doing to protect sellers impacted by the hurricane Michael:

“As Michael has now moved to a Category 4 hurricane, eBay will now automatically protect sellers in the impacted areas.

If your business is affected, eBay will automatically protect your Seller Performance and your late shipment rate will not be impacted under these conditions:

Your ZIP code has been identified by the major shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx.
Our tracking data shows your shipment was delayed or not delivered due to this weather event.

Please note: you may see late shipments due to this weather event on your seller dashboard, but they will be removed before the seller evaluations occur on the 20th of each month.

If you are unable to ship, we recommend communicating with your buyers to let them know the situation. For Stores subscribers, don’t forget to put your store in vacation mode to avoid receiving orders that cannot be shipped.

Hurricane Michael is moving and changing quickly. Check back here for updates on closures and protections over the next few days.

We will provide further updates via this Announcement board.

ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 10-08-2018 03:55:01 PM

Forecasters have advised that Hurricane Michael is expected to have direct and major impact to the Gulf Coast in the middle of this week.

Please stay safe and take care of what’s important right now: you, your family and your community.

Given the extreme weather may delay pickup or delivery of your shipments, we are closely monitoring the path of Michael and carrier updates. We will update this Seller News Announcement as more information is available.

If your business is likely to be impacted, we recommend getting your shipments out as soon as possible.

For eBay Stores subscribers, place your store in vacation mode and extend your handling time on all items to when you can get back to business.

Please call Customer Service at 1 (866) 540 3229 to let us know your status. We will apply the following seller protections:

You will not receive defects for stockouts or unresolved cases with buyers.
Your late shipment rate will not be impacted.”

Preparing for Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, it seem every year there will be some natural disaster that will impact sellers.

In our story about Hurricane Florence, we provide some tips that may help sellers be prepared, especially if a disaster comes up quickly as hurricane Michael did.

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