eBay UK dumps Shutl – replaces delivery service with Packlink

Delivery driver
  • eBay UK will replace the delivery provider from Shutl to Packlink.
  • Packlink has existing delivery relationships with other European eBay sites.
  • Change in provider will be effective 25 July 2019.

More details about the change

Ebay announced they will change their delivery service provider for the UK from Shutl to Packlink effective 25 July.

Packlink is an established eBay service provider currently providing similar services for their French, Italian and Spanish sites. eBay says Packlink has been providing these services to those sites for years.

Packlink will offer the same delivery services (next day, standard, collection and drop off) currently offered by Shutl, with the exception of Collect+, for the same great value of rates.

eBay UK emphasises there won’t be any rate changes because of this change in service provider.

New payment options

As part of this change, eBay delivery will introduce new payment options including credit and debit cards.

Besides the new payment methods, sellers will also be able to pay on print (or pay as you go), and continue to have the option to pay on invoice.

Who does it affect?

This will affect both business and consumer sellers from 25 July. When listing an item sellers will no longer see any Shutl delivery services as they’ll be replaced by Packlink.

For example: the option for “eBay delivery – Shutl 2-3 days” will now be labelled as “eBay delivery – Packlink 2-3 days”.

For items that are automatically relisted this delivery service change will happen automatically.

From 25 July, sellers will be migrated over the course of a few weeks to Packlink.

On first use, eBay will ask to accept the terms and conditions of the new service provider. Sellers will also need to sign up to a new billing agreement to replace the one originally set up with Shutl.

If a seller doesn’t want their listings to be relisted automatically with services provided by Packlink after 25 July, sellers will need to update the delivery services on their listings prior to that date.

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