eBay Tyre Installation Service Comes to the UK

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Launched earlier in the year in the U.S., eBay U.K. now offers a similar tyre installation service for purchases made on its platform.

However, unlike the U.S. version where buyers can purchase from any seller and then choose from thousands of installation centers, in the U.K. the tyre installation is limited to partners.

For the launch of this new service, Blackcircles.com is the first eBay seller to offer tyre installation services.

eBay does not rule out other partners, but apparently to be part of the program they must have a nationwide installation network.

So that requirement would severely limit participants to this program.

In comparison to the U.S., it is not exactly clear what the benefits maybe to buy tyres on eBay if the tyre choices are limited to the installation partner. Also, blackcircles.com is a hugely popular online tyre retailer, so are there that many people in the U.K. who only shop on eBay?

The primary benefit of the U.S. program is for shoppers to find tyres that may be hard to source locally or maybe from speciality tyre brands not offered by major chains.

The U.S. program also works with mostly non-affiliated tyre installers, thereby supporting small local businesses. And since different sellers can compete for pricing on tyres, there could be some tyre bargains on eBay.com for U.S. shoppers.

None of these advantages seem to be part of the U.K. program when there is only one launch partner.

What do you think about this new service by eBay U.K.? Do you sell tyres in the U.K.? Would you like to see eBay U.K. work out deals with local independent garages to install tyres from your listings? Drop us a line below in the comments section.

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