eBay Technology Is Ready To Handle The 2020 Holiday Season

Mazen Rawashdeh

eBay’s Chief Technology Officer Mazen Rawashdeh published a blog post today discussing how the company is using technology to help sellers satisfy evolving customer needs.

With the busy holiday season upon us, eBay sellers expect the marketplace technology to keep buyers engaged and sales moving.

Rawashdeh believes the company is ready and provides some background on how the platform technology is ready for the anticipated sales surge.

Select take-aways from his post include:

* eBay can now handle 250+ checkouts per second which was key to handling the rise in traffic during the spring as the COVID pandemic lockdowns kept many consumers at home.

* The company’s infrastructure is ready to handle the 2020 holiday season which is expected to see over 70 percent of consumers shopping online, with over 50 percent potentially buying solely online.

* eBay’s development teams created systems that use AI – computer vision – to test new features in volume before they interfere with real world customer experiences.

The full blog post by Mazen Rawashdeh is available here.

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